The eight step of Raja Yoga


The eight step of Raja Yoga

Raja yoga is the path of systematic analyasis and control of the mind by Maharishi Patanjali Ji.

1) Yamas:- Universal Moral Commandment or Restraints

  • Ashimsa:- non-violence, non injury
  • Satya:- Truth
  • Asteya:- non-stealing
  • Brahmacarya:- devotion the ultimate
  • Aparigraha:- non-accepting of gifts or bribes
) Niyama:- Vows or observance

  • Sauca:- purity ( external and internal)
  • Santosa:- contentment or satisfied
  • Japa:- austerity or self control
  • Svadhyaya:- self study
  • Isvarprinidhana:- worship of God or surrender of ego
3) Asanas:- postures, which pose comfortable and stable is an asana

4) Pranayama:- control of the vital energy

5) Pratyahara:- withdrawal of the senses.

6) Dharana:- concertration of the mind

7) Dhyana:- meditation

8) Samadhi:- the super-conscious state.

It is important to remember that in all forms of raja yoga, all eight limbs must be practised. basic principles are same. the only difference is emphasis.

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