Surya Namaskar Challenge Class

Yoga Mandir (Amit) decided to make more fun with Surya Namaskar challenge class on 28th December. Yoga Mandir last class end of this year 2012, Welcome to everybody.
This class is an energetic class. Let's try this class for our hopes, (wishes) comes true. After yoga you will going to feel refreshed your body and mind much more etc.
  • Date: - 28th December
  • Time: - 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm (75 min)
  • Place: - Community city hall 6th floor, on Toei Shinjuku line Nishiojima Station
  • Price: - 1500 yen (Separate from Tickets) + communication with tea
  • Rental Mat: - 300 yen, 
  • Comfortable clothes easy movement, drinking water and face towel, with cute smile :)
  • Space: - 18 student 
Contact Us
Mail: -
Phone: - 08024468366


  1. The plan weight and accent was about killing me, but again I was brash to do yoga which has magically helped me adapt my fretfulness and administer aggregate with a air-conditioned mind. Yoga which dates aback absolutely a lot of years has accepted to be a extenuative adroitness for alive women.Surya Namaskar is the mother of the Yoga.


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