Adjustment yoga

Adjustment yoga,  the class is base on to fix your pose by teacher in the correct position. This class is according by Amit learned in Rishikesh Yoga Study Center.

Short Introduction :- In this class we use props (belt) to help our pose. At first our discussion in the begging, how to use or tie props. We start mantra or prayer for concentration of the body. And props relaxation for opening our joints. Then next we start body flow or warm up to get our muscles will be tension release.
I recommend you to join our class to get more communication.

Time:- Every Friday evening from,
  • 7:30 P.M. to 8:45 P.M. ( 75 minutes) 
Price:- 2000 yen, two times trial (expire in two weeks)
After expire you can join our tickets, check it from home page Yoga Mandir



  1. アミット先生のコノクラスはお気に入りのひとつです。気持ちよく身体を動かすのにおすすめー。是非是非。


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