Indian Lassi Drinks

Lassi drinks, curd or yogurt drink.
India lassi is a stamina drink. Many physical trainers and some of yoga teacher also drink lassi.

This one is a mango lassi. Lassi is sweet and maybe soar if you drink first time but very tasty.
Lassi have many flavored. In India I have seen mostly banana lassi or dry fruits lassi.
When I was in India. After yoga class always, I was going to lassi (fresh cheese and milk) shop for drink.
I felt refreshed with the time.

Mostly two type of lassi taste in India:-
Sweet taste.
Salt taste or spicy taste.

Some people choose salt taste and some people are sweet taste. I drink both taste of lassi and love it.

In the ending try if you like sweet, This is also a similar taste.


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