Masala tea or chai

Masala tea or chai is popular drink in India. There are many kinds of tea in the world but don't forget tea came from the Ground.

Mostly we drink masala tea in the winter. The most important things of tea protect us from cold. So better we should drink in winter. Here is some about Indian drinks.
Masala tea or chai is winter drink And Lassi (yogurt) is summer drink.

How to make masala tea or chai hand made?
At first we need Red tea or black tea, Milk, Ginger, Cardamom, Clove and water.
Explanation:- two person tea!!

Start from in a tea pan boil water one cup, mix red tea or black tea, ginger (crush), open cardamom or broke cardamom,  clove and after few second mix milk one cup or you change two cup milk also, if you don't want water.
After you should filter tea. now ready hot winter tea or masala chai.
You can try yourself or send me message if you need help.


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