My Motorcycle Tour 2013

My bike tour in winter 2013. This Year I started with my motorcycle tour in Chiba Japan three days. I  had lots of fun and good time. Actually we went this tour without plan.

First I went to seaside, looks like marine drive near Tateyama. Mostly in Japan "yama" called a mountain. But this was not mountain. It was seaside the place name is Tateyama.
It was very good view. I drive from my house 139 kilometers. The weather was very clean, but a little cold.
Finally we arrive the hotel.

Next day we went to Heizo Ichihara city. I drive from hotel 101 kilometers. It was more fun and interesting way. That day I started driving from seaside to small mountain. It was very adventure. Finally we arrive the hotel.

Third day we went to outlet mall. But sorry I dislike outlet mall because there were too much rush.The last day I drive 100 kilometers to arrive back to house. 

How was your winter holiday? did you enjoy?


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