Yoga Event on February

Introduction:- Yoga Mandir event class on 17th February. We offer new year yoga event for everybody. We decide to make more fun and communication together. You can learn this event with Indian teacher who can explain you about yoga. Most welcome to our new year event class.

What we will do? :- We will practice mantra, chanting, Pranayama and Surya Namaskar.
The mantra chanting start with "AUM" vibration sound with explain. And we will going to complete with mantra prayer.
Pranayama is breathing control during an Asana or pose. Pranayama is also known as life force or vital energy.

Surya Namaskar is 12 yogic Namaskar(respect) technique to Surya (sun). We practice Surya Namaskar before to do Asana and we can release our muscles tension.

  • Date:- 17th February
  • Time :- 10:00 Am to 11:30 Am ( yoga Class 75 minute + Communication with tea)
  • Place:- Koto-Ku Nishiojima Community city hall 3rd floor, (On Toei Shinjuku line Nishiojima Station)
  • Price:- 1500 yen ( Separate from Tickets)
  • Rental Mat:- 300 yen ( Please reserve a yoga mat )
  • Space:- 10 students
  • Wear:- Comfortable clothes with easy movement, drinking water and face towel and positive thinking with cute smile.


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