Private yoga class

We offers private yoga class in Nishiojima from March Thursday or other day we can manage for you  in Koto-Ku  Nishiojima community city hall. You can come the private yoga class alone, with your friends and maximum 5 Group of students.

The class will be full of inspire you about yoga. You can choose also, if you want to learn only in English. Yoga will help your daily stress, Refresh body and mind. We can have more communication about yoga.

Time:-  Example Thursday,
  • 10:45 am to 11:45 am 60 min.
This class is  possible if you tell us one month before.
  • 3500 yen ( one person)
  • 2500 yen  per person ( From 2 to 5 of students) 
Example, if there are 2 students per person 2500 yen, 3 students same, 4 students same, Even 5 students also same.
Rental Yoga Mat:- 300 yen (or you can bring your own yoga mat)

Needs:- drinking water, you can wear comfortable cloth with easy movement type.

Contact us:- You can contact us from H.P or email us


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