Surya Namaskara

Surya Namaskara, means respectful, peace of body and sun energy. But there are many different meaning too, let me explain to why do? What Benefits?
Surya Namaskara can help your detox, your joint tone up, perfect health, Natural full of body massage, breathing benefits and more.
Surya Namaskara is came from the traditional part of yoga. Surya Namaskar not recommend for beginners.
Beginner means never done before yoga, other sports too.
Here is I demonstrate the 12 poses of  Surya Namaskar which I learn with my Guru Ji (Teacher) in the Ashram Rishikesh.

Count from left side:-
  1. Prayer Pose. 
  2. Hasta Uttanasana. 
  3. Padahastasana. 
  4. Ashwa Sanchalanasana.
  5. Parvatasana.
  6. Child pose
  7. Ashtanga pose.
  8. Bhujangasana.
  9. Parvatasana.
  10. Ashwa Sanchalanasana.
  11. Padahastasana.
  12. Hasta Uttanasana.
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