Yoga Event on March

This class is an energetic class. We will start class with mantraPranayama and Surya NamaskaraLet's enjoy together to get more communication about Yoga. 
Benefits of this event class effect to our whole body natural massage , refresh mind and physical body and more extra with self realization Practice with us.
We will Practice, mantra chanting, Pranayama and Surya Namaskara The mantra Chanting start with "AUM" vibration sound with explain. And we will do complete mantra (prayer). Pranayama is breathing control during an Asana or pose. Pranayama is Also known as life force or vital energy. Surya Namaskara is 12 yogic Namaskara (Respect) techniques to Surya (sun). Usually we practice Surya Namaskara before to do Asana because we can release our muscles tension. 

Place:- Koto-Ku Nishiojima Community city hall 7th floor, (On Toei Shinjuku line Nishiojima Station)
  • Date:- 31st March 2013.
  • Time:- 10:00 Am to 11:45 Am (yoga Class 75 minute + Communication with tea)
  • Price:- 2500 yen ( If you bring this event class flyer, fee will be 2000 yen)
  • Rental Mat:- 300 yen (Please reserve a yoga mat)
  • Space:- 10 students (If you want to cancel event class, one week before tell us.) 
  • Wear:- Comfortable clothes with easy movement, drinking water, face towel and positive thinking with cute smile.
Please make a reservation as soon as possible from here,


  1. この前受けましたがとても楽しく出来ました。また参加しようと思っています。もっと毎週あればよいのにと思います。

    1. 参加ありがとうございました。月に1回ですが続けていきますので、どうぞご参加下さい。ありがとうございます。


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