Higashiojima yoga

We offer yoga classes for everybody in Tokyo Koto-ku Higashiojima culture center. You learn here yoga with Indian teacher Amit. Let,t try to do yoga classes with us for fun, communication about yoga, relieve stress and healthy body. We will have new yoga class from March 29th on Friday morning in Higashiojima culture center. Yoga class will be according by Amit. We will teach here Basic relaxation of yoga.

  • Date:- 29th March. After March will be continue
  • Time:- 10:00 am to 11:15 am Basic relaxation 
  • Price:- 1000 yen (Trial for 29th March) 
  • Place:- Higashiojima culture (bunka) center 
  • Rental mat:- 300 yen (Please reserve a mat before join the class or bring your mat).
  • Needs:- You should bring for you drinking water, yoga mat, comfortable cloth for doing yoga.
  • Note:- Before the class do not eat heavy food. (2 to 3 hour before)


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