Nature Yoga on April

Nature yoga event class on April, Class by Amit in Koto-Ku (Kiba Park) Tokyo. Most welcome to everybody to our Nature yoga event class. Let, try to join nature yoga event class. We can have more fun and communication in this event class. Nature yoga will flow energy in your whole body and spiritual mind etc. I hope to see you in the class

Up Coming Nature yoga on April

Date: 14 April and 28th April.

Time:-  Morning 8:00 am to 9:00 am. 

Price :- 500 yen, You can use your expired ticket.

Needs:- Please bring your Yoga mat, Comfortable clothes easy movement, drinking water and face towel, with cute smile :)

Close: - If there is bad weather or rainy day, so class will be close.

Mail:, You can find us from Facebook and twitter


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