Pranayama yoga event on 17th November

Pranayama yoga event

Welcome to all level Yoga students in this event class. Pranayama is a breathing base yoga event . In this class you will learn how to breathe while doing the Asana. And also we will  know about five Prana philosophy by Amit. How Prana working in our body.

We will start, the class with Mantra and explain about pranayama. And we will go to do physical posture with pranayama in this event class.

Benefits, breathing balance, increase lung capacity, refresh etc.
Pranayama yoga event
Time: - 9:45 am to 11:45 am + communication with tea  The door will open from 9:30 Am.
Place: - Koto-Ku Nishiojima community city hall 7th floor, Nishiojima station on Toei Shinjuku line. Check it from class Map
Rental mat: - 300 yen, Please reserve a yoga mat or bring your own yoga mat.
Space: - 10 students can join.

Fee: - Separate from Ticket,
  • 2000 yen Regular students.
  • 2500 yen Non Regular students.
Wear: - comfortable clothes with easy movement, drinking water, face towel and positive thinking with :-)
Notice: - Minimum requirement 5 students. If there are not 5 students. We will cancel the class.

Please make a reservation as soon as possible from contact us. Or book when you come in regular class.


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