Adjustment yoga event on 26 Jan 2014. In Nishiojima.

Adjustment yoga event on 26 Jan 2014. In Nishiojima.
Welcome to all level students in adjustment yoga event class. The event is based on body posture adjustment. We will practice some posture by using a belt (Props) and wall. After that we can understand pose correction. And also we will know yogic eight limbs philosophy by Amit. Let's try to join this event.
We will start, the class with mantra and body movement with stretching. And flow energy with Surya Namaskara into your body. The class will give you a full of inspiration.
Benefits, self understands, Relieve your muscle stress and correction about posture etc.
Time: - 9:45 am to 11:45 am + communication with tea The door will open from 9:30 Am.
Place: - Koto-Ku Nishiojima community city hall 7th floor, Nishiojima station on Toei Shinjuku line. Check it from class Map
Rental mat: - 300 yen, Please reserve a yoga mat or bring your own yoga mat.
Space: - 10 students can join.
Fee: - From March fee will be changed for Non member students. check it  
Fee: - Separate from Ticket, 
  • 2000 yen Regular students. 
  • 2500 yen Non Regular students.
Wear: - comfortable clothes with easy movement, drinking water, face towel and positive thinking with :-)
Please make a reservation as soon as possible from contact us. Or book when you come in regular class.
Notice: - Minimum requirement 5 students. If there are not 5 students. We will cancel the class.


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